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    Try this Favorite Maine lobster Steamed-in-Beer Recipe at Next Family Outing

    Lobster steamed in beer

    The next time you invite the family over for a lobster outing try this traditional old-time favorite Maine lobster steamed-in-beer recipe.  It’s a fun, easy way to prepare lobster and gives the lobster a great, robust down-east flavor.

    You will need a pot or steaming kettle large enough to hold six lobsters, some sea salt, beer, fresh whole lemons and butter.   That’s it.

    steamed Maine lobster

    Maine Lobster


    • Six 1-¼ pound live Maine Lobsters
    • Two cans of beer (do not use light beer)
    • 2 tablespoons of sea salt
    • 2 sticks of butter and  2 whole lemons

    Get Started with Maine Lobster Steamed in Beer Recipe:

    • Add about an inch of water to the pot. (Some Mainers use only beer)
    • If you don’t have seawater, add two tablespoons of sea salt.  You need to add salt even if you use all beer.  Always add salt when cooking live lobster. Traditional kettle for steaming lobster
    • Add two 12-oz. cans of beer, IPA beer is a good choice.  Don’t use light beer.
    • Bring the water and beer to a roiling boil over high heat.
    • Remove the rubber bands from the claws and add the lobsters head first. Cover tightly.  Wait for the pot to return to boil and start timing.
    • Steam the lobsters 14 to 15 minutes.  About halfway through, stir the lobster at least once to move the bottom lobsters to the top of the pot.
    • Melt the butter in small pan and slice the lemon into wedges.
    • When done the lobsters will be a bright red and the tails will be curled under the body of the lobster.  Remove the lobsters with tongs and pierce the body with chef’s knife to allow water to drain.
    • Serve immediately with melted butter poured in ramekins, lemon wedges and cracking utensils.

      Cook Any Size Maine Lobster

    Note, if you want to cook different size lobsters you can.  For each pound, cook the lobster 13 minutes.  Then three minutes for each additional pound.  While steaming is a flexible way to prepare lobster, be careful not to overcook.

    If you want to try this easy to prepare recipe and can’t go to Maine, live Maine lobster is now available for home delivery.

    Check out this steamed in beer lobster video from Capt. John of Maine.  He takes you from boat to table with his easy to prepare recipe.

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