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November 2012

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    Traditional Gourmet Lobster Fare a Popular Maritime Heritage

    Traditional gourmet lobster fare based on popular recipes gathered from towns all along coastal Maine are proving very popular with Lobsters-Online customers this Christmas season.  Many of the prepared dishes are  filled with naturally sweet Maine lobster meat, the most preferred lobster meat in the world.  From the contemporary Lobster Ravioli to the traditional lobster bisque, every ingredient in the dish is picked for its quality and ability to complement the succulent taste of Maine lobster.

    Gourmet Lobster Ravioli

    All this means that cuisine that once could only be enjoyed in coastal New England is now available for dinner tables everywhere in the country.

    And for gift giving, nothing says “Made in America”  more than the locally prepared gourmet dishes made with same pride of tradition found in generations of Maine lobster fishermen. By purchasing these dishes, people are supporting an entire community’s maritime heritage.

    Some of the most popular this December holiday season include these fine seafood meals:

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