About Lobster Fly

About Lobster Fly Seafood Blog

The Lobster Fly Seafood Blog was first published in 2011 to provide Maine lobster recipes, shellfish cooking tips, fish stories and news to lovers of New England seafood.  Here you will find traditional  Maine lobster recipes from lobster shacks and primo restaurants. The very same recipes used by seafood lovers from Cape Cod to Downeast Maine and beyond. Get information about the best sources for buying lobster and seafood online so you can enjoy fresh live lobster no matter where you live.  The blog is written by Wayne Howe who in 1998 founded Lobsters-Online.Com, the first lobster shop on the web. Lobsters-Online.Com is now owned and operated by the Lobster Trap Company of Bourne, MA.

Lobsterfly.Com is published by Lobsterfly, Inc. and is not affiliated with any lobster dealer, wholesaler, store or online delivery service.

Eating Maine Lobster

Enjoy Steamed Maine Lobster Recipe