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January 2014


    Serve a Super Bowl 2014 Boiled Lobster Dinner

    Turn your 2014 Super Bowl super celebration into a seafood feast. Yes, we are talking about lobster; lots of fresh, great tasting Maine lobster for a Super Bowl lobster dinner. And lobster is easy to prepare with this simple boiled lobster recipe.

    Saturday delivery of live lobster is now available in most parts of the country. So even if you are sitting out there in Seattle or San Francisco, you can still be part of the lead up.  Order the lobster online and have them delivered right to your house.  Live Maine lobster can now be part of Super Bowl celebrations all across the country.

    Easy to Prepare 

    Keep it simple with a traditional boiled lobster recipe.  Boiled Maine lobster is easy to prepare, fun to serve and will be a big hit with the guests.   

    A tug on steamed lobster antennae can help tell chefs the lobster is ready

    This year Lobsters-Online is offering the New England eight-lobster special.  When the lobster arrives on Saturday, you may keep them overnight by adding some wet newspapers and frozen gel packs to the carton. Don’t take them out of the carton to play with.    It is important they stay cool and moist until ready to cook.  If it’s below freezing outside, don’t leave the lobster in the box outside either.

    When ready to prepare, just follow the directions for traditional boiled lobster:


    • 8 1 ¼  pound live lobsters
    • Sea Salt
    • Two gallons water
    • Two pounds melted butter
    • Two fresh whole lemons


    1. Add water to large pot or kettle and bring to a roiling boil
    2. Add four table spoons sea salt
    3. Place live lobsters head first into pot and cover
    4. Stir lobster occasionally to move bottom lobsters to top so the lobsters will cook evenly
    5. Cook for 12 to 13 minutes until bright red (do not over cook as meat will toughen).  Give the antenna on one of the lobsters a yank.  If it pulls off easily, the lobsters are done.
    6. When cooked properly the lobster meat will have turned from translucent to  white
    7. Remove the cooked lobster and allow to drain for one minute.
    8. Serve with melted butter and lemon wedges on the side

    Eating the lobster begins by twisting off the claws and the tail and cracking the shell to get at the meat.  Providing your guests with traditional lobster bib kits makes the job easy; the kits come with handy eating instructions.

    Enjoy the game!

    © Wayne Howe 2014